What Is A Holistic Facial?

This anti aging facial is a beautiful way to improve scar tissue, puffiness, soften fine lines- and so much more.

Whether you want to support skin disorders, improve skin texture, or encourage rejuvenation to look more youthful or shift tension and stress,
--- this treatment offers them all!

Facial cupping, gua sha, and acupressure techniques work together to allow energy to flow with ease through the face, and this has positive impacts on the whole body. So much of our life experiences live within the muscles and fascia of our faces.

From expression lines to skin texture and genetics. These ancient tools help to move energy and tension and simultaniously help our skin feel good. A deeply loving experience to gift yourself, to receive, to feel tended to, and energetically nourished.

So much more than a facial, these treatments are designed to relieve stress and tension whilst allowing your skin to breathe and help you feel more beautiful.

These treatments can be booked as stand-alone sessions or in combination with a Therapeutic Massage.

They include a cleanse, neck, and shoulder massage, gua sha, cupping where appropriate, roller on targeted areas, acupressure healing, and last approximately 60 minutes.

Treat yourself to an energetically peaceful and nurturing time out to both help stimulate cell renewal and heal the mind, body, and soul.